Turn off SMART Ink

Many people wonder what that liitle yellow “SMART Ink” tab is that seems to appear on every window of your computer, and how to turn it off.


It’s a function of the SMART board software; it provides a layer over whatever is on the screen that allows you to write directly on it with the SMART board tools. If you are not a SMART board user and this is bugging you, it is very easy to turn it off.

Go to Applications/Utilities and open the Activity Monitor.

Activity monitor

This shows you everything that is running on your computer….it’s probably NOT a good idea to randomly shut things off, as many of them are sort of important. But you CAN turn off selected things if you know exactly what they are.

Find “SMART Ink” in the alphabetical list, select it, then hit the red ‘stop sign’ in the top left corner that says “Quit Process”. When prompted, say “Quit” (not ‘Force Quit’), and it will close.

SMART Ink is set to initialize each time you restart your computer, so if you restart, you will have to come to these settings to turn it off again. But it will stay off until you do restart, so this is a good fix.

NOTE: If you merely click the dropdown on the SMART Ink tab and select “erase and hide”, it does hide the yellow tab, but the application continues to run in the background and wear down your battery. I suggest using the Activity Monitor method.

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