SMC Reset

Resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) is very easy and solves a host of problems. The SMC controls things like;

  • screen brightness settings
  • volume calibration
  • battery charging settings
  • fan speed and interior temperature settings
  • touchpad sensitivity
  • keyboard sensitivity

If you are having any issues at all with the battery, charger, screen brightness, audio, keyboard, trackpad or many other components, an SMC reset very often fixes them.

TO DO THIS, follow these three very simple steps. Start with your computer TURNED OFF.

1) Plug in a power supply. It doesn’t matter if the light is green or red.
2) Press SHIFT, CONTROL and OPTION and hold them down.
3) Quickly press the power control, as if you were starting up your computer. You can let go of shift/control/option after you release the power button.

That’s it.  If your power supply indicator is red, it turns green for a few seconds then turns red again…this is because for a few seconds, the battery is disconnected from the charger cable, so the cable registers the computer as ‘charged’. The indication that you did a successful SMC reset is that the computer DID NOT TURN ON even though you pressed power.

After doing an SMC reset, its always nice to do a PRAM reset.

Then, just start up the computer.

In case this is all too wordy, here is a video showing you the steps. Try it.  🙂

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