PRAM reset

Parameter random access memory (PRAM) holds information about the configuration of your computer, including things like the date and time, as well as desktop, volume , mouse, and other control settings. It’s powered by a small battery, so these settings don’t get lost every time you turn your computer off.

If you find your computer getting laggy, a good regular maintenance task is to do a PRAM reset (also called a NVRAM reset). It’s incredibly easy to do, and will often fix a host of strange issues. When combined with doing an SMC reset, its amazing how much it can ‘tune up’ your computer.

To reset the PRAM, follow these simple steps:

1) Turn off the computer properly (apple menu, “shut down”) and let it shut completely down.
2) Press and hold these four keys: Command, Option, P, R. (I do this with one hand…its like doing the Vulcan Mind Touch).

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.31.40 PM

3) Turn on the computer, still holding down those four keys.

The computer will chime, then shut down and try to restart again. Keep holding the keys until after the third chime.

That’s it. I often do a PRAM reset right after doing an SMC reset, just to keep things running smoothly.

Here’s a video in case you need to see it:

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