Changing your banner image

You should consider changing your banner image on your WordPress site. It’s fairly easy, and really dresses up your site.

First, select and save an image. You can do a google search or use one of your own. Be sure to find one that can be cropped to the proper shape (short and wide) and still look appealing. Also, be sure the file size is large enough so the picture does not appear fuzzy. (Yes, I know the photo in my own blog is fuzzy….it was a bad photo that I took years ago, but I wanted to use it. Let it be an example of how distracting a fuzzy image can be….)

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.15.09 AMIf you do a google image search, when you scroll over the image, a popup on the bottom will tell you the image size. Choose one that is AT LEAST 1000 pixels wide….if you reduce an image, the quality does not deteriorate. If you enlarge it, it gets fuzzy.

Once you find an image that is large enough and can be cropped nicely, click once on it, then select “view image”. The you can download the image that appears to your downloads folder. NOTE: if you do not select ‘view image’ but merely download the image directly from google search, you are saving the tiny thumbnail.

Next, you should put the URL where you got the photo from on the image. This takes a little effort, but we are role modelling for our students, so it’s worth it. Here’s an easy way:

1) Double-click on the photo in your downloads folder to open it in Preview.
2) Select “Tools > annotate > text”
3) Put a text box where you want the credential to be in the final, cropped image.
4) Type in the URL from where you got the image. Feel free to make it a good color and size so that it is not distracting. If you want to put the “copyright” sign (©) in front of the URL, hit ‘Option / g”
5) Hit “Save” and close the Preview window.

Now, upload and crop that image:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 8.58.38 AMIn your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “appearance/header”, and you can select the image to upload. Once it is uploaded, you get the option to crop it to size, and publish it.

That’s it. 🙂

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