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Google Survey: getting notifications

When creating a google form, you can set up the preferences so you get an email notification any time someone submits to the form. This has several advantages:

1) No one can change your spreadsheet, so your data is protected
2) The structure of the Google.form ensures that you get the info you want
3) You don’t have to check the form regularly….just when you get your notification that there is a change.

To do this, first set up a google.form (I’ll assume you know how to do this…if not, I’ll make it a topic of a future thread)

Then, go to ‘responses’ and select ‘choose response destination’ and allow it to create a spreadsheet for your responses in your Google.Drive


Now, go to the response spreadsheet. Under ‘tools’, select ‘notification rules’. In this window, you can tell google to notify you if a user submits a form.

Shadow 3


This means, whenever someone fills in the survey you send around, you will get an email letting you know to check their response.

Next time you set up a google.form, go ahead and add this handy feature!

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